Developers get together as often as possible and discuss topics about coding and all that comes with it. These topics range from what we are reading, latest news, and comments about other podcasts we have listened to.

"It’s like Car Talk for developers" @ericjsilva

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    ThoughtWorks Tech Radar - Techniques

    In this episode we talk about ThoughtWorks Tech Radar

    We begin to talk about 1 of the 4 topics, Techniques, in these radar releases. Take some time to learn about these thought-provoking snippets of what is out there for us to consider in our day to day work flow and maybe what not to consider.

    We will be discussing the other sections in future podcasts.

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    Slowing Down to Speed Up

    It's hard to find time to sharpen tools and address technical debt. In this episode we discuss slowing down to speed up. We also discuss Laravel 5.3 new features.

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    A Look at FeatureFlags

    Feature Flags and the bigger picture of what it means to our developer workflow and mindset. And of course some interesting reads of the week.

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    ThoughtWorks Technology Radar!

    We look at ThoughtWork's Technology Radar, we cover their Adopt, Trial, Assess and Holds for Nov 2015 release of this great research work.

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    NOSQL Show 2 of 3: Google IO and Battle of the Backends

    We save you from some really bad comedy in this youtube video and sum it up for you and talk about what we got out of it as we continue to discover how to fit NoSQL in our tool belt. Also news and interesting reads. Also checkout Alfred Nutile's side project

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    Ethics & Development

    PHPArch November Issue is out! Martin Fowler and "Not Just a Code Monkey", and a long long talk about ethics.

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